Basic conditions for obtaining Loans


Applying for personal loans is absolutely easy: just go to the bank, the headquarters of a financial company or do everything online. Getting a loan is, however, a whole other story and not all requests (obviously) are accepted and can be successful.

What makes the difference between an accepted and a rejected request is a whole series of fundamental conditions that banks and financial companies ask those who apply. Let’s go and examine them in order, one by one.

A paycheck or in any case a demonstrable income

A paycheck or in any case a demonstrable income

This is the first and most important point to consider. Anyone who wants to be successful in applying for a loan must also demonstrate that they can repay it successfully. For this reason, a paycheck or a demonstrable income is essential.

The paycheck, the prerogative of employees, is one of the safest guarantees ever. All employees can apply for a loan known as the assignment of a fifth of the salary, on the basis of which the sum of money obtained is repaid through the payment of installments the amount of which is deducted from the net salary.

Retirement is another particularly appreciated guarantee, provided that retirees are under an age limit. Usually, this limit is 75 years not completed at the time of paying the last installment of the loans for pensioners, although there are several opportunities for loans for pensioners up to 80 years and for loans for pensioners up to 90 years.

For self-employed workers, on the other hand, proof of income is the tax return, which highlights the earnings that the entrepreneur has made over the previous years.

Be of age

It is essential to be 18 to be able to apply for a loan. Only adults of age can do so and proof of age is given by the need to present an identity card (or another identity document) and a copy of the tax code.

Residence in Italy

Residence in Italy

Residence in our country is another fundamental condition. For this reason, Italians of birth and foreigners who regularly reside in our country can apply for funding. In this case, we speak of loans for foreigners or mortgages for foreigners, depending on the type of financing that is needed.

The proof of residence, for foreigners, is given by the possession of the certificate of residence, a document that can also be requested online and which certifies, in fact, the “official” residence in a common datum of our country.

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